Laval’s Rendez-vous habitation

Design and development of the branding and the website of Laval’s Rendez-vous habitation. Every year, the Rendez-vous habitation attracts a wide range of professionals from the fields of home renovation, interior design and landscaping. The event draws large audiences of residential homeowners and prospective buyers seeking inspiration and valuable advice. It is in this perspective that I designed the visual identity and website of Laval’s Rendez-vous habitation.

Client  Essor Expo Média

Role and responsibilities

  • Artistic direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic, UX, UI and web design
  • Web development and integration through content management system WordPress

Year  2018

Organigramme du site web du Rendez-vous habitation

The colourful, vibrant and structured visual system developed for Laval’s Rendez-vous habitation stands out from the branding of similar home exhibits held in the Montreal area.

Organigramme du site web du Rendez-vous habitation

Before starting the design, prototyping and development of a website, its content must be structured and organised into different website pages and sections. Organisational charts like the one shown here allow the visualisation of a website’s information architecture.

The interactive prototype developed for the Rendez-vous habitation is available online!

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