A little about myself...

I am a Canadian multi-disciplined freelance designer currently based in Montreal. With a focus on information design (user experience and user interface design for websites and mobile applications), I create visual communication graphics and strategies across various media, from conception to production. I work with clients of all sizes and from diverse sectors, both locally and internationally, and I am supported by a network of talented collaborators and suppliers. I specialise in branding, editorial design, web design and concept development. I always aim to produce a high standard of design that is driven by bold creative thinking.

I have just completed an MA in Information design at the University of Reading, near London in the United Kingdom. I also hold a BFA in Design and Computation Arts from Montreal's Concordia University. I currently work as a part-time freelancer, and a part-time lecturer at Ahuntsic College.

Why work with a freelance designer instead of a design agency?

A growing number of clients prefer hiring a freelance designer to working with a design agency. This is due to several main benefits. The biggest benefit being that the work delivered by a skilled freelance designer can be exactly the same as the one you would get from an agency, but at a fraction of the price. This is mainly because freelancers have fewer overheads! Besides, more and more agencies are relying on freelancers to get the work done. By hiring a freelance designer, you also get to work much more closely with your designer, instead of relaying your project instructions and requirements  through an account manager.

Please get in touch!

For freelance work, collaboration or any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line! I am currently accepting new projects. Looking forward to working with you!

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