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On information design

I just finished reading the book On information design, edited by Petra Černe Oven and Cvetka Požar. The book is a collection of essays that brings up more or less radical ideas about how design can change the world. In the introduction, Oven beautifully sums up the essence of my profession. I thought I would take the liberty to share some of his words here:

"We live at a time when scientists are asking themselves how they can present their work to the broader society so as to reach consensus on the ethical decisions related to research in the most advanced science; when, because of the complexity of our world, office workers in companies and state agencies no longer understand the language in which they have to communicate and so produce incomprehensible documents that take more and more time to decipher; when the products we need for our everyday lives are so sophisticated they come with complicated instructions hundreds of pages long; when there are increasing numbers of people with special needs in the area of reading and understanding visual communications…" (Oven, 2016).

We information designers deal with the challenge of making the complex clear. We are the "intermediaries between information and understanding".


Oven, Petra Černe. "Design as a Response to People’s Needs (and Not People’s Needs as a Response to Design Results)" in On information design, edited by Petra Černe Oven and Cvetka Požar. Ljubljana: The Museum of Architecture and Design, 2016.